Sunday, November 23, 2008


Where did the year go? I can not believe it is Thanksgiving week. The hustle and bustle of the season has started. Today at Walmart, you would have thought it was the day before Thanksgiving. So many people and maybe they had the same idea as I did, get it done before Wednesday evening. Jeff's work provided all employees with either turkey, ham or prime rib.. well we got prime rib, never cooked this before so I also bought a turkey breast for just in case the prime rib fails.
Oh I added a recipe today to my blog site. It is a sweet potato casserole. I entered this recipe into our local paper's recipe contest and it did get published! I also had another recipe that made the paper, French toast casserole. I will post it later. Last year I think I had 3 entries that made the paper. The paper offers $100 prize money for the winning recipe, I have not made it yet but will keep working on this.
Dianne, got the lights up yet? We don't really decorate outside here. We have put icicle lights up outside but with the strong winds we have here, they end up on top of the house instead of hanging down. We are going to put the tree up on Thanksgiving since we will all be home at one time. As I was going through town Friday evening, there are so many people who have decorated outside. Well the weather has been good, no snow yet and we usually have had at least 5 or more inches by now. I don't want too much snow since my snow shoveler has gone to college.

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Dianne said...

Philip had the lights up the first weekend in October! The tree has been up for several weeks now. I am so impressed, you learned to change your blog! Try Also, Clayton has a blog now. The link is on my site.