Saturday, November 1, 2008


We are down to just hours until the election is OVER. I went Friday to vote and took my daughter for her first vote in a Presidential election. She was excited to get to do this and now I just wished my phone would stop ringing and my mail would get back to normal. Jeff will have to wait til Tuesday to vote as he was too busy and this week.
We had so many cute trick or treaters last night. I decided it was time to turn the light off when the high school kids started trick or treating, anyway Jeff and the kids wanted the rest of the candy. When halloween comes around, it is no time before we have the rush of holidays. Today Kohls was packed with shoppers getting the Biggest Sale of the Season.. how many times will they have that sale... ok so I was there too... Tyler needed a blanket. Every blanket he has had the cat has taken over. He said she has 4 blankets and he has NONE. His dorm is one of the newer ones that has central heat and air so I am not to worried about him freezing.
The weather here is still very warm. Today was a shorts day and it is November 1. We are praying for good weather when we go home but we will be in Tyler's truck and should not have any problems. Last years trip we ran into a blizzard in the middle of Kansas, trip usually takes about 16-18 hours took 24hours that time due to the snow and ice.
We are planning our menu when we do come home this year... looks like Paula Deens, The Rendevous, Couch's and of course Mom's and Shelby's home cookin. Dianne, what you cookin?
We never know what the weather will be like til we actually leave.


Dianne said...

let me know what you want and you know I will fix it! You have to try Ron's catfish in Jonesboro, too. It is MUCH better than Ed's. Our new catfish place.

Leslie said...

Hey that sounds good too!!!! I have heard of Ron's but never beent here...