Saturday, November 15, 2008


My husband had to tell me his latest bathroom encounter this week. Jeff drives over the road for Colorado Equipment, a John Deere Dealership in Greeley. He was at a truck stop either in Nebraska or Iowa, and Jeff said this guy was in a stall and his push to talk phone beeped and someone called his name (guy in toliet) and he asked if he could get back with them in a minute. The lady beeped back and asked "Well what are you doing?"
The guy said, " I am busy"
She asked again "Doing what"
He said, " I am taking a SH!!"
She came back and said "WEll thanks for telling me that!"
He said "Well you asked"

Moral to story, Just turn your phone off in the bathroom if you are going to be BUSY!

At my work, we no longer have pagers, we have cell phones due to we did not get pages when we were out and about. Lots of times I may have a call in to a MD office and guess when they will call me back... as soon as I am in the middle of a dressing change or drawing blood. Never fails.

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