Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I think I may have mentioned this back in my first blog but if not here it is again. Jeff and I are Certified BBQ Judges for Kansas City BBQ Society. This was the only way we figured to get some decent BBQ since they do not know what that is exactly here. We have judged 3 contests and look forward to judging more this summer. A few weeks ago, I sent in for us to judge a contest in Little Rock in March. It is a huge contest. $50,000 of a contest! They are waiting for returning judges to come back and since we are originally from Arkansas we were put on the list for potential judges if they needed extra. Guess what! We are coming back to Arkansas to judge.. the coolest thing about it is there is a party the night before with VIP seating to see .38 Special!!! I am so ready for this now!!! This all takes place downtown Little Rock near Clinton Library, down on the River.
Ok when we are finished we will be coming back to Parkin and will share our "left overs" from the contest.
Oh yea... see all of you Arkies in January too....

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