Tuesday, December 2, 2008


As you may know, I am a home care nurse, back in this position now for a year after leaving it for 5 years working in cardiology. There are days I miss my job in the office of 7-5:30 and weekends off and holidays off.. maybe I need to go back, but NO I like home care. We have been very busy at work. We just lost 2 nurses, one changing to another role in our department and another had to retire due to rules of being at this hospital for so many years but will be able to come back early spring. Anyway... another nurse is out for surgery that she had to get done now due to the changes that will take effect in January with all the new changes made in PTO and benefits. So we are just admitting patients like we never lost a nurse and our territories get larger!! I guess I should not complain... I do have a job!. OK thanks for listening...

This weekend is the BIG party at Jeff's work. It is in Denver at the Marriott, free food and drink plus a room! His BIG boss is the ex-Gov of Colorado, Roy Romer. Jeff has met him once and seemed like a nice guy. I am sure we will have fun at the party.

Speaking of parties!!!! We will be coming home Jan 1 and plan to go to our favorite resturant The Rendevous in Memphis.. I have already been looking at their menu!! We miss BBQ! SO we want to get all of our friends and family together and meet at the Rendevous early evening on Sat, Jan 3 for food and fun! Let me know if you want to join us!!!

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