Friday, October 24, 2008


Beautiful weekend for us, always thinking it may be the last great weekend to be outside but then by the time Thursday gets here, the weather person lets us know for sure! It did snow a little Wednesday. I call it snow pellets, wasn't snow flakes but then not really sleet. It covered my pine bark areas well but was gone in a matter of minutes.

Jeff stopped at a MAZZIO's pizza in Texas, the ones in Arkansas are really good. He stopped and went in and looked at the pizza and salad bar, thought looked good. Goes to the restroom and washed his hands (I was surprised) then came back out and a football team had come in while he was in restroom and they had gotten all the good stuff.. see he should have done as usual, ate with dirty hands and he would have had chocolate chip pizza and butter sticks!

Lauren is flying home and has informed my brother that on the way back to GC's house, they are stopping at the Rendevous. This is no way fair! We did find a BBQ joint that just opened.. not too bad for Colorado BBQ. We felt like we needed to score it on appearance, tenderness and taste. Ok that is the way we do it for KCBBQ society. Well they don't have cole slaw to go on the BBQ sandwiches, they have something they think is better... pasta slaw... it has pasta in the slaw! I asked them if they had BBQ nachos and they said no but sounded good... hmmm add it to the menu, IT WILL SELL!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Are you as tired of he political ads as I am. You can't get away from them. The car in front of you has stickers, I do like the NOBAMA ones, so many yard signs, billboards, and then there is the TV. McCain then NOBama. And I have so many phone calls from Hillary, Michelle, Marilyn, This group and that one.. AHHHHHH!! I will be glad when Nov 5th gets here. Thank goodness for HGTV, there are not any political ads there!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Although my office is my car or the house for the most part. Glad to see the gas prices come down. In Eaton, it is 2.73. Jeff is out in Kansas and it is cheaper than here in Colorado. At least it will save me some money to get Christmas started! Oh, Christmas... geeze, will have to check Dianne's blog to see how many more days we have.
I love Christmas. It is the one time of year now that I can get creative and cook different things to give to people or just keep for ourselves. I will be giving out more than keeping this year since the Big D hit me, diabetes. Dianne, got any good sugar free recipes? I used to make crafts and wreaths but I just don't do that anymore, feel like I don't have the time. Does this make sense? I had more time working full time and hauling kids all over, helping kids with school work, run errands for Jeff than I do now just working full time and keeping the house up. Anyway, if you have any great recipes, let me know.
Oh speaking of recipes, I tried a new one this weekend. I got it from "Guy's Big Bite" it is Chili Rice. It was wonderful. Of course I made short cuts and will post it here. My son, the pizza, cheeseburger lover, had 2 bowls of this! So you know it must be good or he was really hungry for real food other than dorm food.
Have a great week and send me recipes for Christmas.

Friday, October 17, 2008


FINALLY FRIDAY.. long week but it is finally over. Earlier this week when I wrote some orders for Monday, I put the date of 10/27, I totally skipped a whole week. I was thinking I needed to get to Wally World for more candy for Halloween and then I realized I had skipped a week. So, on Saturday, we will get more candy and get our pumpkins. There are so many fields with pumpkins, you pick'em, $1 each no matter what size.
It is harvest time here, just like in AR, except they are cutting corn for silage and diggin sugar beets, digging carrots, cutting pinto beans. A little different farming here.
Weather in Colorado:
raise the windows, it is 70 degrees, sun shinning. For the day, wear capris and sandals, night time better get on some jeans, long sleeves with warm jacket. Should be in the 30's or 40's tonight.
NO snow in the forecast down here at 4600 feet.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here We GO

Ok, Here we go! First time to do this.. Hmmm what do I say... Ok my name is Leslie, married to Jeff for 23 years, 2 great kids, Lauren and Tyler. Both kids in college. Lauren also is working full time at the county jail in the booking department, school full time in criminal justice, has her own car payment and cell bill now! Still lives at home which is ok to me. Tyler is at Colorado State University,24 miles from our house, right now majoring in mechanical engineering. He seems to enjoy the college life. Still comes home on weekends even if it is for a few hours while Mom washes his clothes, I like being able to see him weekly. He called the other night wanting to know if ok to go to the toga party... I don't think he went..
Jeff and I stay busy with our jobs. Weekends are we just do what ever we want. We are both certified Kansas City BBQ society judges and enjoyed judging 3 BBQ cookoffs this summer. The last contest was in Grand Junction, had 54 or so teams and we had some good food. We are on the waiting list for a contest in Arkansas in mid March. No we don't get paid but we come home with so much food!
Not much happening in our area right now except for the falling gas prices. We are now at 2.84. I hope they keep coming down so it won't be so expensive when we come home in a few months. Some of the ski resorts opened this week. Been there, tried that, can't do it. I might try it again one day. The high peaks do have snow but for the ski resorts, right now they are making their own snow. I will have to post some pictures soon for all you people that may have forgotten what snow looks like.
Ok, Hope I didn't bore you too much! My life is work, house work, read emails, run errands and that is about it. I will post some pictures soon when I figure it out.