Friday, October 24, 2008


Beautiful weekend for us, always thinking it may be the last great weekend to be outside but then by the time Thursday gets here, the weather person lets us know for sure! It did snow a little Wednesday. I call it snow pellets, wasn't snow flakes but then not really sleet. It covered my pine bark areas well but was gone in a matter of minutes.

Jeff stopped at a MAZZIO's pizza in Texas, the ones in Arkansas are really good. He stopped and went in and looked at the pizza and salad bar, thought looked good. Goes to the restroom and washed his hands (I was surprised) then came back out and a football team had come in while he was in restroom and they had gotten all the good stuff.. see he should have done as usual, ate with dirty hands and he would have had chocolate chip pizza and butter sticks!

Lauren is flying home and has informed my brother that on the way back to GC's house, they are stopping at the Rendevous. This is no way fair! We did find a BBQ joint that just opened.. not too bad for Colorado BBQ. We felt like we needed to score it on appearance, tenderness and taste. Ok that is the way we do it for KCBBQ society. Well they don't have cole slaw to go on the BBQ sandwiches, they have something they think is better... pasta slaw... it has pasta in the slaw! I asked them if they had BBQ nachos and they said no but sounded good... hmmm add it to the menu, IT WILL SELL!


Dianne said...

HA HA I saw you're mamma today and YOU DIDN'T. That's what you get for moving off and leaving me. So there. Aren't you glad I love you. And Megan did not go to CA.

Leslie said...

I know!!! I would come back if it weren't for the heat and humidity and the mosquitos and other people that plaque the town of Parkin.... so clear that up and I will be right back.... You know.... Clayton can work here for Fed Ex too..... you can come here!!!!!!

Dianne said...

Andrew saw Lauren's pic and did not recognize her. He said, "Who is that?" Did not believe it was her.

Deann said...

Hi Leslie... love your blogging. Happy Halloween.