Friday, October 17, 2008


FINALLY FRIDAY.. long week but it is finally over. Earlier this week when I wrote some orders for Monday, I put the date of 10/27, I totally skipped a whole week. I was thinking I needed to get to Wally World for more candy for Halloween and then I realized I had skipped a week. So, on Saturday, we will get more candy and get our pumpkins. There are so many fields with pumpkins, you pick'em, $1 each no matter what size.
It is harvest time here, just like in AR, except they are cutting corn for silage and diggin sugar beets, digging carrots, cutting pinto beans. A little different farming here.
Weather in Colorado:
raise the windows, it is 70 degrees, sun shinning. For the day, wear capris and sandals, night time better get on some jeans, long sleeves with warm jacket. Should be in the 30's or 40's tonight.
NO snow in the forecast down here at 4600 feet.

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Dianne said...

Me and Philip went to the game tonite. Saw your sis in law (tracey). We huddled under an afghan. It was 53. WWHHHOOOO HHHOOO! Finally, long pants weather.