Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here We GO

Ok, Here we go! First time to do this.. Hmmm what do I say... Ok my name is Leslie, married to Jeff for 23 years, 2 great kids, Lauren and Tyler. Both kids in college. Lauren also is working full time at the county jail in the booking department, school full time in criminal justice, has her own car payment and cell bill now! Still lives at home which is ok to me. Tyler is at Colorado State University,24 miles from our house, right now majoring in mechanical engineering. He seems to enjoy the college life. Still comes home on weekends even if it is for a few hours while Mom washes his clothes, I like being able to see him weekly. He called the other night wanting to know if ok to go to the toga party... I don't think he went..
Jeff and I stay busy with our jobs. Weekends are we just do what ever we want. We are both certified Kansas City BBQ society judges and enjoyed judging 3 BBQ cookoffs this summer. The last contest was in Grand Junction, had 54 or so teams and we had some good food. We are on the waiting list for a contest in Arkansas in mid March. No we don't get paid but we come home with so much food!
Not much happening in our area right now except for the falling gas prices. We are now at 2.84. I hope they keep coming down so it won't be so expensive when we come home in a few months. Some of the ski resorts opened this week. Been there, tried that, can't do it. I might try it again one day. The high peaks do have snow but for the ski resorts, right now they are making their own snow. I will have to post some pictures soon for all you people that may have forgotten what snow looks like.
Ok, Hope I didn't bore you too much! My life is work, house work, read emails, run errands and that is about it. I will post some pictures soon when I figure it out.

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Dianne said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! Glad to see you here. See, I told you it wasn't hard. Love ya and be glad when you come home