Monday, October 20, 2008

Although my office is my car or the house for the most part. Glad to see the gas prices come down. In Eaton, it is 2.73. Jeff is out in Kansas and it is cheaper than here in Colorado. At least it will save me some money to get Christmas started! Oh, Christmas... geeze, will have to check Dianne's blog to see how many more days we have.
I love Christmas. It is the one time of year now that I can get creative and cook different things to give to people or just keep for ourselves. I will be giving out more than keeping this year since the Big D hit me, diabetes. Dianne, got any good sugar free recipes? I used to make crafts and wreaths but I just don't do that anymore, feel like I don't have the time. Does this make sense? I had more time working full time and hauling kids all over, helping kids with school work, run errands for Jeff than I do now just working full time and keeping the house up. Anyway, if you have any great recipes, let me know.
Oh speaking of recipes, I tried a new one this weekend. I got it from "Guy's Big Bite" it is Chili Rice. It was wonderful. Of course I made short cuts and will post it here. My son, the pizza, cheeseburger lover, had 2 bowls of this! So you know it must be good or he was really hungry for real food other than dorm food.
Have a great week and send me recipes for Christmas.


Dianne said...

GOOD RECIPE Take your favorite apple pie recipe and replace all the sugar with 2/3 cup splenda. DO NOT use granny smith apples. I just use the red ones. You can not tell it is not sugar free. You should be able to rework the oreo delight, too. They now have sugar free oreos. Use that and sugar free ice cream. I don't know about making the chocolate sauce sugar free, but I do know there are a lot of sf chocolate ice cream toppings out there. Try that and tell me how it turns out. You can make sugr free coconut pies, too by replacing with splenda. Have not tried making meringue with splenda, though. Try

Dianne said...

Oh yeah, gas was 2.58 at walmrt tonight

Kaye Butler said...

Glad you have joined the blogging world! Wow, I haven't seen your kids since the last hayride over at Dianne and Clayton's...