Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back Home Visit

Ok I know it has been a while, 4 weeks I think it said, but here I am, back from the trip to my home of Parkin, AR. We left sunny Colorado for the wet, gloominess of Arkansas on New Years Day. We stayed a week at my Mom's in Parkin with visits to the in-laws every day. It is always good to go home and see what has changed. We visited Earle, many months after the tornado hit there and destroyed part of the town, my grandmothers home is being torn down as it was hit and destroyed. Sometimes I think a tornado needs to hit Parkin and take some of it away and some of the people too, maybe starting with the great mayor of Parkin.
I am not used to all the rain that we got while home, I know you think what rain, we only average about 5 inches of moisture, rain and snow, a year. We have not had much snow this year at all, in fact today it is near 60 degrees.
Anyway, it was good to see all the family and friends that we could see. Thanks Dianne for getting some of those together at Mazzios. I do miss all my friends, have mentioned to Jeff about maybe coming back to AR but he says NO, so guess you will have to come and visit us here. We will be back for a very short stay in March, BBQ contest in Little Rock.
Friday, before I left work, I asked if we are off on Monday, and they said oh for MLK day, I said NO for JER day... I dont think they liked that!!! Then being the smart ass that I can be,, not very often, I asked if THEY were going to celebrate on Tues for Obama day. I am not repeating what I said about it but I bet you can guess and NO I am not watching, think I have better things to do...
Take care all,


Dianne said...

I thought maybe you had given up blogging for a New Years resolution or something! I have really got to call you and tell you all the stuff that's not fit for print.:)Never put anything in writing that you don't want the world to see!

Dianne said...